Christopher Poenaru

Computer Engineer. Triathlete. TCK.

About Me

I am a fourth year Computer Engineering student at the University of Waterloo. I love everything about engineering and hacking computer systems, from functional programming to network penetration testing. I have an insatiable desire for knowledge and experience that keeps my free-time occupied with reading up about the latest CVEs and enrolling in online courses (MOOCs).

Outside of the tech dimension, I am an avid runner, cyclist and triathlete currently endeavouring towards a full Ironman. I encompass a global mindset as a former third culture kid (TCK), having lived in Kenya for nearly half of my life. I am passionate about climate change and preserving our ecosystem, evident through various volunteering and philanthropic activities.



We all know how difficult it can be to get ourselves to exercise. Activity trackers such as Strava and MapMyRun do an awesome job of connecting us with friends as added motivation, but often the excitement of exercising still faids with time. This is where Trifecta steps in. Trifecta is a betting engine for activity trackers. It allows users to create bets, wagering points on performing a challenging activity. Trifecta analyzes the level of difficulty the activity is for the user based on all their past activities, and will choose to accept or decline the bet. Furthermore, Trifecta provides curated challenges on a regular basis as a means of earning reliable points.


SuicideSheep is an android app that I created, trying my hand at mobile development. The name, SucideSheep, comes from the Youtube channel, where a community backed repository of music lives. This channel aims to help new and upcoming artists gain popularity and exposure, while providing an awesome eclectic playlist for listeners. Based on many recurring comments on this channel, I found that I was not alone in my desire to be able to have a convenient way to take this music on the go. I took it upon myself to solve this problem, by delivering the SuicideSheep Android app which allows users to stream, download, and enjoy this awesome channel on the go.



Feb 28 - March 2, 2014

At the Canadian Open Data Experience (CODE), we were challenged to design, engineer, and deliver an application that leverages the data from the Canadian Open Data portal. With access to the annual government tax revenue, my team and I were able to create a simple, intuitive web application in 36 hours that allows users to get a better visual understanding of where their tax money goes.


March 28-29, 2014

At hackWaterloo, our team constructed a Twitter Heatmap in under 24 hours. Utilizing the Google Maps API and the Twitter API, we were able to show where users where tweeting certain handles on a global scale and in real time. hackWaterloo was a student organized, university based hackathon with sponsors from a number of large tech companies such as Google, Microsoft, Intel, and Facebook.

Hack the North

Sept. 19-21, 2014

At Hack the North, a team composed of 3 developers including myself set out to tackle the challenge of motivating people to exercise. The result was Trifecta - a betting engine which challenges users to push thier limits in exercise. Trifecta allows users to creates bets on what they can achieve in running, cycling, or swimming, and rewards the user points for their accomplishments.

YHack (Yale Hackathon)

Oct 31 - Nov 2, 2014

At YHack, we our team working on Trifecta further added functionality to the project through the development of the match and bet processing engines. Leveraging Spark as a map-reduce cluster, the new service delivers predictions and probabilities associated with a user's bets and matches.